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Emergency Dentists in Chantilly

We accept same-day emergency appointments. Call us today at (703) 722-8443.

Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
please dial 911

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (703) 722-8443

A dental emergency is usually an extremely painful dental problem that is too uncomfortable to wait for care. Yet many people don’t know where to go for urgent dental care. In painful times like these, you need to be aware of where to find treatment to relieve the painful symptoms and reduce the risk of permanent dental damage.

Where can you find emergency dental care?

So many people worry and wonder, “Where can I find emergency dental care near me.” Rather than suffer with the symptoms, our emergency dentists can help. Please be aware that our emergency dentists in Chantilly provide emergency dental care during our regular business hours. If you require after-hours dental emergency treatment or experience significant bleeding, a jaw injury, or a major dental trauma, please call 911 or go to your closest hospital immediately. But feel free to call us during regular business hours to arrange for an appointment for emergency treatment. Our experienced emergency dentists will determine the cause of your problem, alleviate the pain as soon as possible, and see if subsequent treatment will be necessary to prevent later problems. If you experience an emergency during our regular business hours, please call our emergency dentists right away.

What kind of emergency dental services are offered?

These include the services needed to treat a dental emergency, such as tooth pain, structural dental damage, persistent pressure, other dental problems that could worsen or lead to permanent damage without immediate treatment. Keep in mind that our emergency dentists in Chantilly can deliver a number of general emergency services during our regular business hours. If you experience an after-hours dental emergency or suffer severe bleeding, a jaw injury, or trauma to the teeth, face, mouth, or jaw, call 911 or go to your nearest hospital. But for general dental problems, our dentists can treat a full range of concerns during office hours, such as:

  • Treating toothaches, pressure, and oral pain due to decay or minor injuries
  • Extracting a tooth
  • Repairing fractured, chipped, or cracked teeth
  • Treating dental infections
  • Soothing pain or swelling from wisdom teeth
  • Restoring missing or loose crowns and fillings
  • Relieving orthodontic pain, mangled wires, and broken brackets

When do you need emergency dental care?

Wondering when should you consult emergency dentists? You’re not alone—many people ask, “When should I call an emergency dental office near me?” You will need to seek emergency dental care if you experience pain or problems from a general dental condition. Please remember that our emergency dentists in Chantilly only offer emergency dental treatment during regular business hours. If you have an after-hours emergency or need treatment for a more serious dental problem like persistent bleeding, a jaw injury, or serious trauma to the mouth, teeth, jaw, or face, please call 911 right away or visit the hospital nearest you.

Our dentists provide emergency dental services to relieve the following general dental conditions and concerns:

Fractured and Broken Teeth

If you have fractured or broken teeth, you need to get immediate treatment to avoid additional damage or a dental infection. For teeth with jagged edges due to damage, we recommend covering the edge with dental wax to protect your mouth and then calling our office to schedule the soonest possible appointment.

Knocked-Out Teeth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, seek immediate help so our dentists are able to re-implant the tooth and restore your smile. First, find all of the tooth fragments, rinse with warm water, and then try to put the tooth back in its socket while only touching the crown. Call our office for more instructions.


A toothache should never be overlooked, especially if it involves fever, earache, intense pressure, or other painful symptoms.

Sensitive Teeth

If your sensitive teeth are only an occasional annoyance, they don’t demand urgent care. But extremely sensitive teeth are often caused by an infection or fracture that requires immediate treatment.

Tooth Decay

If you experience pain from tooth decay, our dentists can treat the cavity and provide the relief you need while figuring out whether additional treatment will be required.

A Dental Abscess

Also known as an infection at the tooth’s root, a dental abscess can be caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or some type of trauma. It often leads to tooth pain sensitive teeth, bad breath, fever, swelling of the face and gums, and swollen neck glands. A dental abscess must be treated by a dentist or it can lead major complications.

Missing or Loose Fillings

If you have missing or loose fillings, you need to see a dentist immediately because the problem can make teeth more susceptible to damage, decay, sensitivity, and pain if left untreated. Call our office immediately so our dentists can provide care.

Lost Dental Restorations or Damaged Crowns

If you have lost dental restorations or damaged crowns, our dentists can offer a solution that will protect your tooth and your smile.

Orthodontic Pressure, Pain, or Injury

We can relieve any orthodontic pressure, pain, or injury you’re facing and repair braces as needed to prevent subsequent problems.

Worn-Down Tooth Enamel from Grinding Teeth

Many people have worn-down tooth enamel from grinding their teeth. Once this condition, called bruxism, becomes a serious problem, our dentists can help alleviate the damage by providing you with a protective night guard.

Uncomfortable Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure and dental pain often go hand-in-hand. If you suffer from these symptoms, you need to make sure that they are not being caused by a dental infection or an impacted wisdom tooth.

If you experience any of the above general emergencies and are asking, “Where is an emergency dental office near me?”—call our office to schedule treatment as soon as possible.

When is the time to find an emergency dental office or call 911?

When trying to figure out, “Where should I go for emergency dental care near me?” or calling 911, the answer will depend on the time and type of treatment required. In terms of the time of treatment, our emergency dentists in Chantilly provide general emergency treatment during regular office hours only. For an after-hours dental emergency, you will need to call 911 or head to the hospital. And regarding types of treatment, some very serious emergencies call for more immediate or specialized care than can be found with a visit to an emergency dental office, such as:

  • Major bleeding
  • Extensive facial or gum swelling
  • Severe injuries to the teeth, jaw, face, or head

If you suffer one of these more serious emergencies, you must call 911 or visit the nearest hospital immediately.

What is the cost of emergency dental care visits?

The cost of visiting emergency dentists is based on the number and kinds of services needed to treat your problem. While dental insurance may cover certain treatments and we accept most major insurance plans, we understand that many people don’t have this type of insurance. To help patients without insurance be able to handle the costs of care, we offer many convenient financing programs, welcome most major credit cards, and offer a special discount dental plan called DentRite®. This isn’t dental insurance, but rather a discount plan that makes it possible for individuals and families to get the high-quality dental care that was once only enjoyed by people with dental insurance. DentRite® provides enormous savings on many common dental services and treatments, along with a few additional benefits, including:

  • Acceptance for everyone
  • Both individual and family membership plans
  • Easy flat fee pricing structure
  • No plan usage limits
  • Free from complicated administrative forms to file
  • Can be cancelled within 30 days for a complete refund, minus the initial non-refundable processing fee

For more information about the DentRite® discount dental plan, please call our office.

Where can urgent dental care be found for emergencies that occur at night or over the weekend?

When a severe dental problem occurs after our regular business hours or during the weekend, we advise that you call 911 or go to the closest hospital. Our emergency dentists only treat patients during our regular office hours. If you have an after-hours dental emergency or need treatment for a more serious problem like persistent bleeding, a jaw injury, or serious trauma to the mouth, teeth, jaw, or face, we urge you to call 911 right away or visit the hospital nearest you. Remember, serious dental pain and problems can’t afford to wait. It’s smarter to err on the side of caution and call 911 or head to the hospital for immediate treatment than to risk serious complications or long-term dental damage. But if you suffer a general emergency during our regular business hours, please call our office for the soonest available appointment.

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The visit was informative and pleasurable.
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Attendant was ready upon my arrival. Very sensitive to my feelings and condition throughout. Good experience!
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I have seen Dr. Ogenbekum for over a year now. Dr. O and Tran? are an awesome, personable, down-to earth. She cares about her patients and […]
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